Things Done

Note: This page is to be expanded and split out in the future.

Twitch/OBS Controller 1st iteration

This project is currently in progress. Summary to follow.

Soundboard 2nd iteration

Second iteration of my soundboard app where the client gets a list of available buttons (name, ID, image URI) and pressing a button plays the sound associated with that button. In a future iteration I will be looking at replacing HTTPS due to the complexity (DNS, certificate against a CA etc) with SSH and a binary communication protocol.

Soundboard 1st iteration

First iteration of my soundboard app which the server plays a sound by pressing one button in the Soundboard app. Kotlin & Android Basics with Compose training

With the objective of writing Android apps - I started learning how to write code in Kotlin which then led on to learning how to write Android apps using Compose over several months. This allowed for me to write several Android apps with confidence (and accompanying unit tests).

Web push notification & client

A pair of servers which handle receiving push notification subscriptions and sending out push notifications to primarily indicate when I'm streaming. This was my first NodeJS and Electron project and is to allow viewers to receive notifications of when I stream outside of Twitch, BlueSky & Mastodon.